I haven’t written for Somebody’s Diaries in such a long time. I have wanted to many times, but it always felt like the wrong time. I was waiting to be well enough, to be positive and meaningful with my words so that the world can accept me. I have always felt that people who look put together are accepted much easier than the odd ones. I guess what we are currently witnessing in the world shows us that this grim notion is actually a reality. Apparently, we live in a world that gets you killed because of the colour of your skin, or gets you sacked because of your gender, or does not give you a fair chance because of your background. The list can go on with various forms of discrimination and inequality. The only difference between a hundred years ago and today is in the fact that discrimination is now formally illegal, which makes it something that no one does openly, but everyone does unofficially.

Because people born with privilege, be it the colour of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their nationality and their family history, their health and their mental health do not think they are doing something wrong. They think everyone is being treated equally and ‘certain’ people are just not appropriate for a certain role or position. The problem is we are not all created equal, we are not all the same, hence we cannot all be tested against the same criteria, because a lot of great people and great minds cannot fit into the boxes that privileged people created for this world. And they are left out and they struggle all their lives thinking that it’s them, they are the problem, they are not doing enough, they are not working hard enough, they are failing, when in reality the world is failing them by not giving them a fair shot. We live in a world that creates personalised gifts and holidays, but cannot create personalised life experiences for everyone.

Stop the madness! Be the change you wish to see in the world! Be kind!

Ways to help the #BLM movement: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

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