Autumn in London

Heyy all,

I have been playing with the idea of sharing with you a lot more about my everyday life – the good things that inspire me, motivate me and keep me going. Of course, I will continue with my regular posts which I love doing, but I feel that something a bit different from time to time is not a bad idea.

So here it goes… I hope you like it. Enjoy!

We are in the midst of autumn here in London, which means being constantly surrounded by colourful leaves, crisp air and pumpkin spiced everything. Of course, being in London you are occasionally blessed with foggy mornings which turn into foggy days and rain spells. I used to hate this weather but I feel that with time I grew to love it. I love to snug up in cosy blankets on the sofa with a warm cup of tea, to find the loveliest sweater and go out searching for cosy little restaurants and pubs where you could sip on traditional autumn drinks next to the fireplace.
Speaking of fireplaces, I could recommend a wonderful little pub in Greenwich where you could do just that. It is called Plume of Feathers, a stone’s throw from Greenwich Park and just the perfect place to warm up after a nice, long autumn walk in the park.
Find it at 19 Park Vista, London SE10 9LZ

fitzgerald_edit - Copy

The other reason I love autumn so much is because I love holidays and the period from October to December is the most festive of the whole year. First there is Halloween, then there are two months of Christmas cheer – decorations, events, markets, shopping, cooking, family gatherings – oh, how much I love it all. The Christmas period is a magical time in London and I thoroughly recommend a visit if you have never been.

I know that it can become quite crazy and overwhelming, especially for people suffering from mental health issues but I try to focus more on the positive and just feel absolutely inspired by the energy around me. I also prepare a lot beforehand so that I do not feel so overwhelmed few days before Christmas. I start booking events from the middle of October, I start buying presents in November (I have found out that it is best to order as much as possible online, because it is crazy packed with people in shopping areas and I start feeling panicky) and I book my Christmas food shopping a good few weeks before so that it could be delivered to my home just in time for the main event.
I have quite a routine when it comes to enjoying Christmas to the fullest whilst suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and I will be happy to share it all with you if you are interested. Please drop me a message if you want me to write about this. :))

The third and probably most important reason I love autumn is because I always feel that life starts all over again in autumn. September has always been a month for new beginnings in my life and I feel I make more resolutions for autumn than I ever do for new year’s. I would normally go out on my own for a walk, listen to music, feel the fresh air around me and be inspired to start all over again, to accept my shortcomings and invent new ways to deal with my problems.

magic nature edit - Copy

There is always so much magic all around us no matter the season, the weather or the city. On the rare occasions, I am present and can appreciate the world around me, I feel quite inspired to go on and create much more moments like this. The energy of the world, the nature and the people around me give me strength to persevere during even the worst of storms.

I hope you find some magic in your life today and every day!

Thank you, guys.

Lots of love xx



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