About Me

Heyy there fellow readers :))

I am honoured that you have found my blog interesting and that you want to know more about me.

Well, here we go… I am 30, an Aries and an INFJ, living in London, UK, working in digital marketing, obsessed with the TV show FRIENDS, battling my past, my present and my future on a daily basis. I have very vivid imagination, I consider my creativity both a blessing and a curse. My other strong suit is my analytical and logical thinking (maths were my favourite subject at school) which makes me overthink a lot in life. I am extremely curious by nature, I love researching and learning new stuff. All of the information that I have gathered in my head along with my creativity and tendency to overthink have resulted in a lot of stress and anxiety. That’s why, I found out that I need an outlet for all of this which I am hoping that this blog will help me find along with my other social media. Find me on both Instagram and TikTok @somebodysdiaries 


I have had pretty rough start at life which has led to many emotional and physical issues. I don’t want to start naming all of my diagnosis here now, but let me tell you that I was forced to learn a lot about physical and mental health. I am very eager to share a lot with you so I could help as many people as possible suffer less in this world. I am overly empathetic and I hate to see human suffering, so you will always find me on the side of justice.

On a lighter note, I also have huge interests in fashion and beauty, baking, home improvement and decoration and many more. My family and friends often refer to me as a walking encyclopedia, so to be honest, you can expect anything and everything from me.

If anything of what I have shared has struck your interest, please follow me along on this adventure called life.
I would love to have you here!


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