What is anxiety (to me)?

Anxiety is asking mum before going to sleep if everything is going to be alright.

Anxiety is the stomach pain and the nausea.

Anxiety is the rage I feel inside.

Anxiety is the disappointment that I have to live with every day.

Anxiety is the past that never was and the future that might never be.

Anxiety is my inner critic.

Anxiety is thinking of everything that could go wrong and nothing that could go right.

Anxiety is googling symptoms.

Anxiety is visiting tons of doctors.

Anxiety is feeling like a prisoner in my own body.

Anxiety is being afraid to let yourself be happy.

Anxiety is overthinking.

Anxiety is feeling like a burden.

Anxiety is avoiding social events.

Anxiety is thinking a month in advance about how you are going to get through a single occasion.

Anxiety is never leaving the house without pills in my purse.

Anxiety is trying to be prepared for every single scenario.

Anxiety is the panic I feel at home, on the tube, on a plane.

Anxiety is something you feel like you cannot escape. Ever.

Anxiety is beating yourself up for suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety is needing constant reassurance, safety and security.

Anxiety makes you mad.

Anxiety is everything and nothing.

Anxiety is just that.

Anxiety seems strong, but actually is weak.


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